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December 20, 2017


CCI has completed hundreds of planning projects. These include work for Oil & Gas owners, municipal agencies, First Nations and for other industrial clients in the hydro-power, forestry, mining and transportation sectors. Planning and construction implementation are the main focuses of CCI and the key factor for any project’s success. The planning and innovation that CCI brings to a project, with our 360-degree approach, allows all members of the team to collaborate thus reducing the environmental impact and have a real and practical mitigation strategy to implement at the field level.


  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental planning, management and monitoring
  • Biological and ecological inventories
  • Regulatory applications, screenings and submissions
  • Environmental audits and risk assessments
  • Fisheries, wildlife and vegetation assessments
  • Forest inventory, salvage and reforestation plans
  • Archaeological overview and impact assessments
  • Traditional use studies, GIS analysis and mapping
  • First Nations, stakeholder and public consultation
  • Cumulative effects assessments



The CCI Environmental and Regulatory Team has developed a planning process called ENV360 which utilizes GIS technology to assess and manage environmental constraints during site selection. Environmental values can be buffered and/or avoided automatically by a predetermined distance depending on the regulatory requirement, thus reducing environmental impact and avoiding highly sensitive or protected areas. ENV360 can be used during project routing, regulatory application, drilling waste disposal planning, water quality monitoring planning, timber salvage planning, Caribou restoration planning, plus many other instances.  The process reduces the need to complete data analysis after the planning session which in turn results in decreased document revision, meeting time, thus reducing project costs.